There is no fixed range for using the HammockS. It is suitable for garden, camping, in the living room, on the balcony and on the roof terrace, too. Due to the numerous areas of application our customers can be as same different. So the HammockS can be used as a baby swing, playground, sun- or partylounger. It is suitable for young and old.

For this reason our products have to fulfill a variety of customers needs. The father wants a safe product for his children, the students a cool recliner for her home and the elderly users a stable but comfortable sun lounger.

Unlike traditional hammocks the HammockS could be used after a brief rain shower, as the rain can wiped from the slats. Also the hammock is simply turned around where the dry bottom side could be used. In addition the slats can also be easily cleaned with cloth. If something harmed the surface like the glow of a cigarette such places can also be sanded and the hammocks shines in new splendor.