The hammocks can individualized for each user easily. Without much effort the hammock could be hung in an existing frame or between two trees. The height users select them self. Because of the specially made ​​steel cables no sagging happens in the course of use. Even not while lying down. Another advantage of the flat surface is that the user does not require to „bother“ to get up like on the higher outer edge on traditional hammocks. By the customer could be selected whether the hammocks provides a stable support surface or is a swing option.

 A customer who decides to swing hangs on the hammocks at two points. If the hammocks should remain stable each end of the ropes is attached separately. In this manner a folding over or rocking is impossible. An interim solution is possible. The hammock suspended on three points results in a „stable swinging opportunity.“

Even medically convinced the HammockS:


Thanks to its construction the base is flexible, adaptable to the back and movable. It ensures convenience and healthy lying with high stability. Not only for people with backache problems, but also for those who want to prevent such problems is the wooden hammock „HammockS“ an alternative.

Prof. Dr. med. Jens-Uwe Niehoff