weiße-Hängematte-aus-Holz-drinnenIn the year 2010 we had the idea of building a flexible wooden sun lounger for private use. It should be comfortable and sturdy. After initial experiments with various wooden structures we finally got the idea, „We just make a hammock out of it „. The first prototypes were extremely heavy and also not comfortable but by continuous development we have finally managed to create a product that fulfills  ours and customer demands.

Initial tests with friends and family had been successful. Some critical points were culled till everybody said „Must have!“, „Can you build one for me, too?“ or „If I had a garden, I would buy this hammock!“

A international comprehendible name was found quickly „HammockS“ (hæməks). Even the logo and our slogan „Gemacht-aus-Holz“ (made-of-wood) were created which also represents our internet domain.

It was important for us to construct a durable, eco-product. For the „basic HammockS“ we renounced to use oils, paints, varnishes or something like that. Every hammock could be individualized. We only use colors that are suitable for toys and thus safe from a medical point of view.