The wooden hammock „HammockS“ is particularly visually outside and in-house a real sensation. And she also knows how to convince on many ways.

Newspaper: Märkischer-Sonntag from 2012-06-10 about Hammocks Variante II

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At first I was a bit skeptical. The Hammocks looked really modern and good but not really comfortable. But when I was on it, I refused to leave her again: o)

Jenny (Berlin) about HammockS Variante II

First I was very suspicious and skeptical but I tried your new hammock and I’m thrilled. Lying down and getting up is simple and straightforward. Although made of wood, it is very convenient and frankly I don´t wanted to get up after the test. And (!) she has me, despite my strong stature (124 KG), held out easily. Thank you for this hammock!

Ulf, (Berlin) about HammockS Variante II

I once again thank you very much for the great advice and execution. The hammock is really great and convenient and the advertising is not promising too much. I’m totally happy with that part, but the weather must now become better.

Johann, (Bavaria) about HammockS Variante II and hammockstand

Thanks to its construction, the base is flexible, adaptable to the back and movable. It ensures convenience and healthy lying with high stability. Not only for people with backache problems, but also for those who want to prevent such problems is the wooden hammock „hammockS“ an alternative.

Jens, (Berlin) about HammockS Variante I

Get out of a hammock is not easy. I was afraid to put me in the hammock. But I was surprised how great it is to be on and how easily an elder get along with this hammock – absolutely recommendable!

Lothar, (Brandenburg) about HammockS Variante I

We thank you for the great wooden hammock and with the entire transaction and the quality of the hammock we are very satisfied. We are happy to recommend it.

Arite, (Brandenburg) about HammockS Variante II and hammockstand

Very very beautiful … thanks!

Dagmar, (Nordrhein-Westfalen) about HammockS Variante I