A final version of our wooden hammock does not exist. The different needs of our customers and our ideas as well were too great. So we decided to manufacture a product in different variants. In this way, we can customize for each customer an individual HammockS. By the individual design of our two variants and the processing of natural products every hammock is unique.

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The hammock is made from the wood of Douglas fir. The length of the bed is about 1900 mm, the width in mm between 400 and 770. The approximately 18 mm thick and 50 mm wide slats are separated by balls made of the hardwood of the beech. For suspending two galvanized wire Hängematte mit Bäumenropes are used, which are pressed at its four ends with a loop for hanging. Our logo is burned with a branding iron in the respective first bar of each slat. The hammocks are warranted for two years. The sales price is € 174.99 including VAT.

Because two suitable trees are not always ready you can get here a hammockstand! The frame has a width of approximately 100 cm and a total length of about 350 cm. The height is about 110 cm. The lugs are protected against corrosion by rust paint.

The construction of the frame is done quickly and requires no technical skills nor any special tools. Delivery is complete. Everything you should have is a shady spot. We point out that this is a high-quality handmade frame. All parts have been tested and fit 100%.

Like the HammockS, the frame is made of Douglas fir. The Douglas fir is a coniferous tree, whose wood has a bright, reddish grain and is staining and weather resistant. Although the frame is supplied with untreated wood. You can make your frame, as well as your hammock, individually. The wood can be painted or oiled and is more durable and can be adapted to your specific needs.

The selling price for our stand is € 219.00 including VAT. Order your HammockS and your hammockstand and save money! When buying a hammock and stand, the total price plus postage is € 349.99.