Our HammockS and stands are available in different colors. All the paints, oils and varnishes are stain resistant and easy to clean and free of any odor. The colors are high scratch- and haulresistant as well as diffusivity are also features of the disposed coatings. They are also resistant of common household cleaning products. According to DIN EN 71-3 the colors are suitable for kids and toys because they are sweat- and salivaresistant.

Currently we offer twelve colors. Other colors you can get on demand.

Hängematte bunt

Hängematte weiß Hängematte terracotta Hängematte schwarz Hängematte rot Hängematte pink Hängematte grün Hängematte grau Hängematte blau Hängematte bordeaux Hängematte braun  Hängematte gelb