Technical informations

For our hammocks, we use the wood of Douglas fir. The Douglas fir is an evergreen coniferous tree with softwood has a reddish to brownish grain. The wood is very durable, weather-resistant and virtually free of knots. The heartwood is according to DIN 68364 (1979) in resistance class 3 („moderately durable“) classified and can therefore also be used in areas with no chemical preservatives, where an occasional wetting can not be excluded (hazard class 2). In addition the wood of Douglas fir stands by the fact that it not be sluggishing. A rusting of the ropes seems impossible, because we only use galvanized or stainless steels wire ropes. We only use wood for the quality grade A and B according to DIN EN 1927-1, or wood after the class G2-0/G2-1/G4-0/G4-1 to DIN EN 1611-1.Hängematte-aus-Holz-(2)

A rusting through the ropes we consider almost impossible, since we use be exclusively round and profiled non alloyed steel wire for high load in accordance with DIN EN 10264-3.


The compression takes place through a loop at the end of the rope (bent back loop). This is backed up by a pressed ferrule to DIN EN 13411-3. The aluminum used in the state F according to EN 515 at HammockS are enhanced by thimbles for steel wire rope slings stop to DIN EN 13411-1.


 Hängematte-aus-HolzAll paints, oils and varnishes are stain resistant and easy to clean and on a water-and basis without any odor. High scratch- and haulresistant and diffusivity are also features of the used coatings. They are also resistant to common household cleaners (wet abrasion according to DIN EN 13-300 – Class 1 is abrasion resistant according to DIN 53-778). According to DIN EN 71-3 the colors for kids and toys are suitable because they are sweat and salivaresistant.